The larger your website gets, the more complicated mailbox administration turns into. And this is when you will be able to benefit from the fully–fledged Mail Manager. It arrives with all the features you will need in order to be in charge of your e–mail accounts, furthermore it is equipped with a user–friendly user interface. With just a couple of mouse–clicks it is possible to configure e–mail forwarding, generate an e–mail autoresponder, create anti–spam security, etcetera. Just scroll down to see what the Mail Manager can provide you!


Developed to maintain spam faraway from you

Nobody wants spam inside the mailbox. This is exactly why, we’ve developed a custom–made anti–spam solution in accordance with properly configured formulas that filter out arriving messages and keep the trash away.

You may choose between numerous degrees of protection, determined by what type of trash messages you have. At the same time, you’re able to indicate a different degree of spam protection for various mail accounts. Ultimately, you can choose exactly what goes on to e–mails marked as spam – to be deleted or forwarded to a specific email address.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Forwarding

1–click redirection of email messages

When using the Email forwarding tool, you can actually redirect the email messages mail addressed at a mailbox to a new mailbox of your choice (possibly hosted inside the same web hosting account or someplace else online).

To forward an email, just select it through the drop–down list and then designate the mailbox that you want all forwarded messages to be delivered to. Then, you’re given the choice to choose whether you want a duplicate of each message to be kept in the mailbox you forward or not.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Filters

Manage your mail accounts easily

In case you get a good amount of e–mail messages regularly, it is important to have them organized. That is why we provide server–side electronic mail filters that come into action before you look at your mailbox for new email messages. Consequently, in the event you configure your unique spam filters, you will not see spam inside your mailbox!

Creating up–to–date e–mail filters is very simple. You should define precisely what the filter has to look for, where the filter looks for it (subject, body, etc.) as well as what happens to the filtered e–mails.

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